Foolproof your software by taking control of the risks that make the biggest differences.

We help you easily safeguard your software by tracking, monitoring and communicating trends across the delivery pipeline and product lifecycle.

It’s nice to be disruptive…until it’s not.

When your software plays up and stops your customers from working, the word “disruptive” takes on a whole new meaning.
Veriom analyses, communicates and prioritises every software risk, enabling product, software and testing teams to focus on the things that matter.

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Gain early insight into processes impacting your software and product development time, cost and scalability.

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Use the power of data to predict the optimal product strategies to continuously improve and make quality visible.

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Make software changes with greater confidence and add value to your end users by delivering better and safer products.

Delivering a successful product is a continual and ongoing activity, software should remain functional with each line of code that is changed.

Using predictive analysis measures, we make software quality more manageable, predictable and scalable, allowing you to have more control and visibility over your product's performance from the very start of your development process.

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Why can we help you?  

Quality processes are not a one size fits all but, should be customisable to the product goals, the end-user and the business needs.

We apply virtual sensors to find and prioritise risks that don't match your goals, by analysing real-world and historical data so you can spot problems immediately and take action.

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