Our body develops adaptive immunity to issues - So can your technology.

Software risk immunity through intelligent analysis, detection and diagnosis, completely embedded. Elevating your software’s potential and saving on your technical costs.

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Delivering a successful product is a continual and ongoing activity, software should remain functional with each line of code that is changed.

Traditional methods are not enough to control software risks.

At Veriom, we use data to identify the software problems that people and technical teams can't, completely integrated into your systems.


Intelligent observability and reporting to demonstrate limitations resulting in software risks, the root causes and solutions.


Advanced conversational platform equipping you with valuable insights to scale your software, lower costs, and optimise systems efficiently.


£200K+ spent to address a software defect

64% of issues are due to poor technical requirement and design

17 hours per week lost maintaining software

With Veriom

42% reduction in software problems

25% decrease in operational costs

65% improved team productivity


Take control today