Find and stop software problems that people can't.

Veriom gives you the power to reduce errors and take control of your technical costs without having to increase headcount, using data.

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Delivering a successful product is a continual and ongoing activity, software should remain functional with each line of code that is changed.

Traditional methods are not enough to manage software quality.

At Veriom, we use data to solve the software problems that people and technical teams can't.


We carry out an in-depth software and process audit to identify areas where your product could be improved.


Our data-driven platform will help you manage software problems ahead of time, while reducing costs.


£200K+ spent to address a software defect.

69% of software problems are due to a products requirement and design.

17 hours per week lost maintaining software.

With Veriom

64% reduction in software problems.

36% decrease in operational costs.

28% improved team productivity.


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